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The need for more affordable housing in our community has never been greater, made more acute now by impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, there are over 1,700 households on the community housing waitlist, whereby new non-senior applicants, with no dependents, have a wait of between eight and 12 years, and accounts for nearly 40 per cent of applicants.

The City’s Municipal Housing Master Plan establishes a plan for increasing municipally-owned housing by 506 units over the next 10 years to ensure that, at a minimum, existing service level standards keep pace with projected population growth. The Municipal Housing Master Plan is supported by the Mayors’ Housing Partnerships Task Force Action Plan, presented by the Task Force at its final meeting on December 10th, 2020. The Task Force, co-chaired by Mayor Kevin Davis and Mayor David Bailey,  convened stakeholders from various levels of government, the private sector and non-profit agencies to accelerate the development of affordable housing in the City of Brantford and County of Brant.

In 2019 Social Services Committee approved the Brantford Compact, Affordable, Sustainable and Efficient (CASE) Home Demonstration Project that encourages alternative or creative construction and building practices to help achieve low construction costs and to expedite the building process.

Through a request for proposals (RFP) process, Brantford General Contractor and Real Estate Developer, ANC has been selected to build 4 CASE housing units featuring a unique design that combines the tiny home approach into 4 self-contained units with the outward appearance of one home that is consistent with the character of other homes in the community.  This “infill” development utilizes a modular build approach where units are built off site and then assembled on small parcels of appropriately zoned lands for the timely creation of smaller scale housing.

“This is a modular build, which can be built faster than traditional buildings and in many cases is also more cost efficient”, says Councillor Rick Weaver, Chair of the Social Services Committee made up of members of both Brantford and County of Brant Councils. “Given the urgent need to offer more housing options, I’m pleased to see ideas like this come forward and that a local homebuilder has stepped up to support this effort.”

The CASE Home Demonstration Project will be built on part of the City-owned property extending from Gilkison to the corner of Stinson and Stirton Avenues and is expected to be completed in June 2021.


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