Brantford gets its first tiny home project


January 18, 2021 – The City of Brantford is set to begin the first tiny home project this year, and a local builder has been chosen to build the new affordable housing development.

On Friday city, provincial and federal officials announced government funding for the project that will see four self-contained units based on the tiny home approach. The units will appear to look like a single-family home, consistent with the surrounding houses on part of city-owned land extending from Gilkison to the corner of Stinson and Stirton Avenues.

The apartments will be about 300 square feet and geared to households with no dependents. The $200,000 in funding will be delivered through the Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative for the “demonstration project.”

Through a request for proposals process, Brantford general contractor and real estate developer, ANC has been selected to build four CASE housing units featuring a unique design combining the tiny home approach into four self-contained units with the outward appearance of one home consistent with the character of other homes in the community.

This “infill” development utilizes a modular build approach where units are built off site and then assembled on small parcels of appropriately zoned lands for the timely creation of smaller scale housing.

At present, there are over 1,700 households on the community housing waitlist, whereby new non-senior applicants, with no dependents, have a wait of between eight and 12 years, and accounts for nearly 40 per cent of applicants.

The CASE Home Demonstration Project is expected to be completed in June 2021.

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